• Payments are to be made in advance of lessons.
• The payment is due by the first lesson of each month. Cash, cheques, and e-mail transfers are accepted methods of payment. Make cheques payable to Heidi Saario.
• Lessons paid in advance are an incentive for both the teacher and the student not to cancel lessons.
• All the studying material will be purchased separately and is not included in the lesson fee.
• Students are committed to taking lessons throughout the school term (September-June). One month's notice must be given prior to termination of lessons.


• At least 24 hour notice is required if a student can’t come to a lesson.
• There will be no refund for missed lessons without notice.
• Missed lessons can be rescheduled within the same week, if there is a time available.
• Missed lessons due to emergency matters (e.g. sickness) with less than 24 hour notice can be made up or refunded once per semester.
• Lack of practice or a forgotten lesson is not considered sufficient reason to miss or reschedule a lesson.
• In the event of a teacher's absence, lessons will be rescheduled or refunded.


• It is expected that students will practice regularly and be prepared for lessons as assigned.
• Students should always bring their piano books and other studying materials to each lesson.
• Parents should help the student arrange a regular practice time free from interruptions and distractions. The instrument a student practices on should be tuned regularly. Piano study involves the art of developing self-discipline as well as developing the skills for performance.


• There will be two student recitals every year, one at the end of each semester. All students are encouraged to perform. This is a non-competitive event and it offers a great opportunity for everybody to hear other students of different ages play pieces of different styles, character, and levels. It also encourages the students to work towards a goal. For students, who are preparing for exams or music festivals, the recitals will provide an excellent opportunity to perform their repertoire.